06 June 2010

Memorial Day Weekend (And Bad News)

I lost my camera, which makes me really sad. I have a bad habit of losing things that I like, and this is one of those moments. I took it with me to Texas last weekend while I was visiting my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew. I have a lot of photos of a great weekend, as well as photos of the amazing food that we ate that I was hoping to share with you, my readers!

Unfortunately all I have are these photos that I took with my iPhone, but if I find my regular camera I will post the better photos as well. (Here's to hoping...)

My sister-in-law is Vietnamese and cooks the greatest Asian food I've ever had. This was my lunch the first day I was there: Vietnamese soup of some kind. It wasn't pho... but I forget the name. Broth, sprouts, cilantro, beef, noodles, and hot sauce on top.

My two nieces preparing some chicken dumplings, and the finished product (that I actually cooked!) which ended up pretty good. I was really flustered because, well, my sister-in-law sets the bar high with her cooking and I didn't want to disappoint!

For our first dinner there, and our next day's lunch, we had a crawfish bake!

Corn, potatoes, crawfish, dumplings... all of it spicyyyy because that's how we roll in our family! My lips were on fire, but it was totally worth it.

I really really hope I find my camera, not just because of the photos on it but also because I really don't want to be spending more money on things! I have a back-up camera but it's very unreliable and the quality isn't as good as my other one.

I have some other recipes, photos, and things to post here that I've been procrastinating doing, so hopefully that'll buy me time to find my camera!

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