01 May 2010

The Best Cookie Ever... Indeed!

A while ago I had stumbled upon this recipe. Obviously with a title of "My Favorite Cookie Of All Time" I had to give it a try!

Now, I love caramel. I've only recently (within the past year) begun enjoying chocolate, but no matter how much chocolate there is in the world, I'll always want the ooey gooey creaminess of caramel. Knowing that the caramel is the special part of this cookie, I went along with the recipe and bought the exact caramels in it from CC Confectionary.

It came with some samples, too: orange dreamsicle, and chocolate truffle. Both are amazing, so I knew I was bound to enjoy the Madagascar vanilla variety.

I have a party to go to tonight so I figured it'd be a good time to try these cookies. I had all the ingredients... why not?

I made some teenie changes, though.

Firstly, I chopped up the 3 ounces of 72% dark chocolate I had leftover from the ganache I made last time and used it in place of the chocolate chips.

Also, despite thinking that I had all the ingredients, I'm actually completely out of granulated sugar. Because the recipe only calls for 3 tablespoons of the stuff, I assumed 3 packets of Truvia would suffice (and it did).

These were so simple to make! (And the dough tasted yummy, too, haha.)

There were a few casualties, though. Next time I make these (and I definitely will make these again!) I will work on my caramel-containing technique. I ate the very very exploded one (in the right-hand photo) because I don't want to bring an empty cookie to the party... and because I wanted a snack... and it was delicious!!!

Definitely make these, all you lazy people! It's so simple and yummy!


  1. That looks beautiful. I would take caramel over chocolate any day. Lovely cookies. Cheers!

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