12 May 2010

A Childhood Dream

Since I was a child, my mom and I would watch cooking shows together. I've always seen this magical, do-it-all machine on so many of these programs: the beloved Kitchenaid stand mixer.

Oh, how I wanted one! My parents didn't have one. Our home economics class we took in junior high school didn't have them. My grandparents, aunts and uncles, friend's families.... I swear nobody owned one! I never even used one myself in my 24 years!

Recently I won a contest on SparkPeople! My prize: a $250 gift card on Amazon.com!

Originally I told myself I'd save it for a couple of months until I move into the more bike-able city of Cincinnati and buy a bike. However, my 6-year-old self screamed at me the other day. "Buy the mixer!" she told me. "You can finally buy it! What's stopping you??" I further convinced myself that buying a bicycle should be done in person, not online.

Next thing I knew...

I bought it!!!

I got it in Gloss Cinnamon. It should arrive by Thursday. I'm absolutely enthralled!

I had some money to spare with my gift card, so I also purchased some reusable produce bags and reusable drinking straws. Goin' green (or at least pretending, haha)!

Well, I'm going to be late for work. I just had to scream this off the rooftops!

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