Who is the Lazy Girl?

I've always loved to cook and bake. My parents never hesitate to remind me (and my friends, and my boyfriend, and my family members...) of the many times as I child when I would make a blockade of chairs to prevent my parents from entering the kitchen so I could concoct some kind of dish without interruption. (I'd also be scared of them seeing how messy I'd be... though I always cleaned up after myself!) I'd be bored one weekend afternoon, grab my mother's Betty Crocker cookbook, and decide to cook something. Sometimes it'd be something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich or quesadillas, but there were the few occasions when my 10-year-old self would attempt making a quiche or crepes.

When I got older, if I wanted a snack and there was nothing in the house, I'd make sugar cookie dough (as I had the ingredients and proportions memorized) and bake cookies... or sometimes eat it raw...!

Eventually my laziness grew as my love for food remained; obviously, this resulted in some serious weight-gain! Eventually I slimmed down, losing almost 40 pounds, but my love for food continues on stronger than ever! I discovered that being healthy and loving food, cooking, baking, and creating can all live harmoniously together! I just had to get creative.

Now I'm almost a "grown up", which means I'm pretty damned busy. The last thing I want to do is slave over a hot stove for hours on end after spending 9 hours at work and an hour at the gym! So, don't expect too many recipes that require more than an hour of cooking and prep time because that is totally not what a Lazy Girl like me does! Hell... even risotto frustrates me! (Well, maybe if I have a whole day to myself and enough motivation I'll try something ridiculous, but those occasions will be few and far between!)

What you can anticipate are recipes that anyone - even you! - can do. I don't have a fancy kitchen, expensive cookware, or even a blender! I only recently bought a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in May when I won a large gift card... otherwise I'd probably still be mixing batter and dough by hand.

I'll give you "real people" recipes. I want cooking and baking to be fun and feasible for everyone, no matter how lazy of a girl (or guy) you are!