09 July 2010

I'm Back! - My Absence in Photos, Part 1

I've been M.I.A. for over a week - I'm sorry! But, I have an excuse...

I was moving! I only moved 8 miles, but I needed all the help I could get, so my parents also visited. One of the first things I did was take my mom to Jungle Jim's: an incredible, unique, gigantic international food market north of Cincinnati.

Even on the outside, it's an eclectic-looking place! It's... uh... jungle-themed, obviously! Words can't really describe the ginormousness (hell, even "ginormousness" isn't a word and it's the only way I can explain this place!) of Jungle Jim's, so I'll show you [mostly] in photos I took during our visit:


A hybrid banana-pineapple (seriously), and a giant turkey leg.

Some kind of weird fruit, and ghost chiles - the hottest pepper in the world!

Delicious sushi we bought and ate for lunch, and an 8-pack of duck heads (for under $2.50... what a deal!).

Um... instant spring rolls (??!!) and a can of "white gourd drink".

The biggest marshmallows EVER!!!

Our cart of goodies. Nom.

This is just a small, miniscule glimpse into Jungle Jim's; every time I'm there, I discover at least 10 new things! If you're in the Cincinnati, Dayton, eastern Indiana, or northern Kentucky area, definitely take a weekend afternoon trip there!

During my parents' trip here, a lot of food-related things happened: dinner, shopping, cooking, etc. I'll blog all about it... but right now I need to get back to unpacking!

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  1. Haha...I love Jungle Jim's, and I've only been once - with some friends that live in West Chester. But it was a blast!