20 July 2010

Raw Shopping

I'm very open to new dietary styles, choices, and options. In April 2009 I decided to eat a vegetarian diet for a month, just to challenge myself and learn how to cook in a different way than I'm used to. I found it surprisingly easy to do, so about a year later I decided to eat a vegan diet for the same reason that I did the vegetarian thing the year before.

Although I'm not at the point of wanting to do another culinary challenge just yet, I'm continuing to experiment with things I eat. I definitely consider myself a flexitarian, as I eat meat rarely; for example, I had some tuna for lunch, but before that I think the last time I had meat was... um... sometime last week? I'd say out of the protein I eat, 10% of it is meat/poultry/seafood. About 25% of it is animal by-products (dairy & eggs) and the rest is from grains, cereals, soy, legumes, beans, nuts, etc.

Since starting this blog and getting more well-versed in cooking, baking, and food in general, I started utilizing Google Reader to follow lots of foodie, gardening, fitness, health, and local Cincinnati blogs. One of the foodie/health blogs I recently began following is Raw Reform. Through the blog, I discovered their store: The Raw Food World

When I discover new things involving my passions (technology, gadgets, and of course food!) I want to buy buy buy!

So, I bought bought bought...

  • cacao nibs
  • coconut oil
  • chia seeds
  • medjool dates
  • shredded coconut
  • goji berries
Obviously all of it is raw. The package came with free samples of some vegan protein powder and a couple of supplements, though I'm not sure if/when I'll try either of them. Except for the dates and goji berries, I've never eaten or cooked with any of the other items.

I've since tried the cacao nibs, which kind of remind me of espresso beans (yum)! Once I get the rest of my kitchen tools and gadgets out of boxes, I plan on experimenting with the rest of the stuff. Nom nom nom!

Have you ever looked into raw foodism? What are your opinions about it?


  1. I can probably get you in contact with some raw/vegan folk that would happily give you advice (Neostatic comes to mind, and she's a sportsracer)

    Making "plant matter" the foundation of your eating is pretty awesome. I've been working at the idea that meat should be a seasoning, a garnish, an afterthought. A little goes a long way, and it's darn cheap if you can adjust your perception (I make a really tasty sauteed spinach dish (my own recipe) that involves a little bacon. Last time I made it, 72c for the bacon part)

    I'm glad that you're experimenting, inspirse me to do the same. Rock on.


  2. I've done the raw thing on and off for a while. I've been vegetarian, and most recently vegan and I just don't find a 100% raw diet satisfying for me. Don't get me wrong, I love fruits and veggies.....but raw garlic and onions does NOT give me the same feeling as sauteed garlic and onions....mmmmmm

    That being said, I would like to direct you to my blog friend Rawdawg Rory who has lots of info on the raw lifestyle. I still enjoy a green smoothie for breakfast often, it gives me a great amount of energy! I just wasn't able to do it full time.

    Follow my blog btw, I'd be eternally grateful ;)