11 April 2010

A Lazy Girl's Best Friend

The first time I've ever used parchment paper was yesterday afternoon when baking crackers. I've always substituted "parchment-lined cookie sheet" with "spray with Pam" due to sheer laziness, but now I think I'll always use parchment paper when I can! It's awesome!

I also used parchment paper when baking my version of Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Strawberry Cream this evening. I've been eyeing this recipe for a while and have all of the ingredients, except for strawberry preserves. All I did was substitute what I did have on hand: raspberry preserves!

Also, to cut back on the oodles of sugar, I cut the sugar in half and used 12 packets of Truvia. Sure, it was minimal since the cream has so much sugar in it, but you really can't tell because... well... the cream totally sweetens things up!

If you ever try this recipe (which I highly recommend!) just be forewarned that the amount of filling that the recipe makes gave me way too much for the number of cookies I yielded! I have at least half of it still in my fridge... I don't think I have enough cocoa to make another batch of cookies for it, but I'll have to find something to do with it. Maybe vanilla cupcakes? Any suggestions will be more than welcome!

I have a feeling my coworkers are going to love me tomorrow when I bring these goodies in!

Full recipe & nutrition here.


  1. Hi Jecka,

    Thanks for the comment and the mention in you post. I'm so glad you liked the cookies. You are right, it make a lot of filling, I should update that on the original. Your pictures look great!

  2. Oh yum! These look good. And I think you should definitely use the rest of the filling on cupcakes. Maybe lemon cupcakes? Lemon and raspberry go well together. I have a simple lemon cake recipe if you want it.