12 April 2010


Tastespotting was the main inspiration for me to have a regular food blog. I discovered it last Wednesday or Thursday, and on Friday I started this blog. Obviously a huge motivator for me!

Well, I submitted my first photo yesterday of my Sweet Potato Brunch but it was rejected. :( Something about composition and lack of sharpness on the photo. Was I bummed? Yes. Did I give up? Hell no!

I submitted another version of the photo and it was approved!!!!!

I am beyond elated right now! It's not as gorgeous or elegant as 90% of the foods that appear on there, nor was the photo taken with a $1200 DSLR camera (rather my $150 point-and-shoot)... but it's on there! I feel like part of an elite little foodie group (and I'm okay with blowing this out of proportion because I'm happy, okay?), haha.

Anyway, this is a great kick-off for the week. Thanks for the comments thus far! If you ever want to e-mail me, you can also feel free to do so!

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