11 April 2010

"Who bakes their own crackers??!!"

That was a friend's reaction when I told him I baked crackers yesterday! But, it was another way to use my leftover sweet potato cubes that are patiently awaiting to be eaten.

I based these crackers off of this recipe; the only subsitutions I made was to use I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Cooking & Baking instead of butter, whole wheat flour instead of white, soy milk instead of regular milk, and I used my own set of spices (black pepper, salt, nutmeg and lots of garlic powder!) instead of coarse salt, sesame seeds, etc.

I didn't have some of that stuff on hand... and I'm lazy... so there's no way I'm going out to just buy things I'm only going to use for this one recipe!

Full recipe and nutrition information here.

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